Quantum Mind, Computers & Consciousness

This section contains more detailed material relating quantum and classic physics, computer science, and neurophysiology to the event oriented world view. Here conventional theories are viewed from the perspective of a post quantum event theory and the role of conscious awareness is integrated into science. This is the work-horse section that bridges the gap between known facts and the new event interpretations. It provides detailed investigations for how event oriented thinking can be incorporated into improved solutions for known problems and thus connects to the leading edge of practical and accepted thinking in science. 

Biological Quantum Communication

Isolation of biological elements support the notion that the brain can operate by quantum principles to achieve the speedup necessary to explain high level human functions such as pattern recognition, and real time optimization.

Consciousness and Cognitive Systems

Consciousness and cognition can be included in physical theories when the concept of self measurement-explanatory cycles of activity are recognized as the fundamental building blocks of an event oriented world view that replaces objective thinking of classic physics and materialistic philosophies.

Physical Mind-Body Models

This section contains mind body models based upon cognitive action measurement-explanation feedback cycles and the papers presenting the Cognitive Force Hypothesis.

Quantum Information Course Notes

Course notes presenting quantum mechanics and topics in quantum information domain from the integrated mind-body perspective.