Current Projects & Interests

This section contains eclectic technical topics, experiments, and research topic details that need to be addressed in order to transfer of concepts from mind-body theories to externalized computer systems.

Metaphysics of Cognitive Systems:


            -Operations in the 1st Person Perspective

            -Book Coordinates

            -Action Model

            -Model of a Cognitive Being

            -Quantum and Classic Approximation

            -Physiology and Neuroscience

            -From Back to Front

Enhanced Brain Processing Development:

            -Bi-scopic vision

            -Dual Eye Patent Pending

            -UAV-Mission Control Applications

Publication and Knowledge Dissemination:

            -Event Oriented Book Design

Sustainable Living Experiments:

            -Reproduction and Child Development

            -Residential Applications

                        - Photo-voltaic systems

                        - Solar water and home heating

                        - Water wheel

                        -  Composting Toilet

How do these fit together?

Topics of interest span a wide variety of interdisciplinary topics ranging from advanced concept development to practical hands-on projects. The common theme lies in the explorations of the human cognitive capacities related specificaly to its epistemological ability to create and imporve concepts of the phsical universe as an evolving world view.