Publications & Papers

This page contains a large number of papers and presentations describing the technologies, methodologies and experiments that have been conducted throughout the reasearch and development phase behind the products and services offered by Nascent Systems Incorporated.

Academic Papers and References

Metaphysics of Cognitive Systems

This section contains the papers describing the event oriented world view, cognitive action cycle theory, and topics related to the development of an integrated mind-body model of ourselves and the universe we believe to exist in. It provides the concepts, logical underpinnings, and context for the understanding and development of cognitive systems including ourselves and the rest of the universe.

Quantum Mind, Computers and Consciousness

This section contains more detailed material relating quantum and classic physics, computer science, and neurophysiology to the event oriented world view. Here conventional theories are viewed from the perspective of a post quantum event theory and the role of conscious awareness is integrated into science. This is the work-horse section that bridges the gap between known facts and the new event interpretations. It provides detailed investigations for how event oriented thinking can be incorporated into improved solutions for known problems and thus connects to the leading edge of practical and accepted thinking in science. 

Enhanced Brain Processing Development

This section contains relating to the possibilities of improving and expanding mental processing to achieve new capabilities. Once we accept the validity of concepts discussed in the Metaphysics of Cognitive Systems and recognize the large extent in which our own mental processing habits create what is usually taken to be the properties of independent external objects it is natural to ask what more can we achieve by modifying our mental processing algorithms. 

Model-Image Feedback Applications

Model-image feedback loops are the observable processing activities implemented in computers and organizations that mimic cognitive action cycles that inspire a class of algorithms that automate higher level human functions.

UAV Mission Control Applications

This section contains a description of systems and experiments that incorporate novel concepts from the event oriented world view to the practical problem of automating the combined operations of the pilot, navigator, and mission analyst to fly unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).  

Knowledge Systems – Technologies and Applications

This section contains eclectic technical topics, experiments, and research topic details that need to be addressed in order to transfer of concepts from mind-body theories to externalized computer systems.