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Nascent Systems Inc. (NSI) is a novel systems technology company specializing in real-world modeling, quantum mind-brain physics, patent and publication development, as well as consulting on innovative technologies and project partnerships. 

Our primary interest is to participate in partnership with the goal of advancing new techniques and knowledge required for sustainable life development. We solicit project partnerships and offer consulting services in a number of specialty areas.Those wishing to establish a project partnership are encouraged to review our Current Projects and Interests as well as our Historical Projects and capabilities to identify the common field of interest.  
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Nascent Systems Innovative Research Prize 2015- The 2015 Prize was given for the best paper in the  Quantum Biosystems Special Issue dedicated to the topic of     The Unity of Mind, Brain and World”. Dean Radin’s “Psychophysical interactions with a single-photon double-slit optical system” was awarded the best paper prize and Chris Nunn’s “Mind, consciousness and time: an inegrated overview” the runner up prize. 

The prize is offered to anyone engaged in novel research involving experimentation, design, or paper products exploring foundational assumptions or problems in their areas of interest. The prize is for ongoing or completed research for body of existing work that can be evaluated with actual or well described thought experiments. Learn More

Proper Observer Project    

All statements describing physical reality are derived through interpretation of measurement results that requires a theory of the measuring instruments used to make the measurements. The ultimate measuring instrument is our body which displays its measurement results in our mind. Since a physical theory of our mind-body is unknown, the correct interpretation of its measurement results is unknown. The success of the physical sciences has lead to a tendency to treat assumption in physics as indisputable facts. This tendency hampers the development of new theories capable of addressing the foundations of mind. 

Since at least some material bodies have minds this project calls for a review of the conscious observer’s role in the execution and interpretation of fundamental physics experiments in order to verify or challenge the basic beliefs adopted in standard physical theories. The following papers have been published by W. Baer are available for research and collaboration purposes at this site:

“On the Necessity of Including the Observer in Physical Theory” click here

“Photons as Observer Transitions in the Event Oriented World View” click here

Sub-sections at the Foundations of Mind Conferences ( and Vigier 10 conferences ( to explore this topic are being negotiated for the year 2016.

SAND 15 Presentation- For those looking for the SAND 15 Presentation click here


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